A Fog Rut Will Soon Be Broken

Chrismtas Weekend Travel Weather

We’re stuck in-a-rut….with fog, that is.   A stagnant weather pattern with relatively high humidity and no wind has aided in the development of fog the past several nights and mornings.   Friday and Saturday morning will be no different.   While there can be spots of drizzle, the low visibility in some locales will be the biggest concern.

A storm system over the Plains will arrive this holiday weekend, namely Saturday afternoon and night, with some rain and thunder.  No severe weather is expected for the time being.  However, it will disrupt travelers with wet roadways, and some gusty winds.   Snow on the backside of this storm can produce a white Christmas over parts of the Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeast; not here.

Sunday may start with leftover clouds, drizzle, or light rain; otherwise expect a transition toward brighter, drier and colder weather.   I believe it’s time to ask Santa for a new pair of sunglasses!  Happy holidays.

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