Auburn President Steven Leath Launches “Pair” Program

$5 Million Over Three Years to Auburn Researchers

$5 million dollars over three years to be invested in cross-disciplinary research at Auburn University.

“Our intentions are if you get the faculty working as a team, when you reach out to industry and government the type of sponsorship that they are providing, they like to work with teams of faculty that have a long term focus that are trying to solve real world problems. So, that will help industry and help economic growth here in the Auburn/Opelika area, but also the whole state and hopefully the whole Southeast and around the world,” said Dr. John Mason, Vice President of Research and Economical Development at Auburn University.

The Presidential Awards for Interdisciplinary Research or “PAIR” program, similar to an initiative started by Auburn President Steven Leath when he was at Iowa State University.

Major projects like work on self driving cars and cyber security.

This new funding also aimed at spurring more faculty members to present ideas.

Collaboration also key; getting different disciplines across the university to partner with businesses to solve real world problems.

“Given all the demands that any university has especially Auburn University, for the president to decide from among other options to make this type of investment in the scholarly activity of faculty to encourage research. Undergraduates can participate, graduate students can participate and other internal and external partners. So, we are looking to work with a large cross section of people both internally and throughout the state and country,” said Dr. Mason.

President Leath said the initial investment is only the beginning. More funding to follow as projects grow.

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