Army Veteran Shot Dead during Pawn Shop Robbery

Columbus Pawn Shop Employee Fires Back striking Robbery Suspects

A retired Army Veteran was gunned down and his young colleague ambushed in broad daylight during an attempted armed robbery.

Friends and patrons of the pawn shop are horrified at the scene here in South Columbus.

Police say the call came in just afternoon and people scattered when they arrived including the suspects.

Both employees of the Columbus Pawn Shop were shot but one survived and shot back.

Locals who frequent the shop describe the victim as a man who honorably served the Country, a long time employee and well liked.

Detectives say there are conflicting accounts about exactly how many suspects were involved here anywhere from two to four were initially reported.

At least two suspects were shot and are currently being treated at the Midtown Medical Center.

WLTZ is withholding the identity of the victim until the Muscogee County Coroner makes an official notification.

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