Big Storms For Wednesday Afternoon?

More Wet Weather For Christmas Weekend

The recent run of warm, humid weather will linger through Wednesday.  However, it doesn’t come problem-free.  Fog has been a huge issue the last few mornings, and Wednesday will be no exception.

That problem aside, any sun that pokes out in advance of our latest cool front will help destabilize the atmosphere, allowing for some big thunderstorms to develop by the afternoon.   However, if little to no sun returns, the risk of severe weather will fall by the wayside.

Meanwhile, cold air residing across the Upper Plains, will push southeastward.   Another round of rain this holiday weekend likely will not coincide with the cold air from the Plains; at least not for snow around here.   However, if you’re traveling for the holidays this weekend, there can be some snow from the Southern Plains to the Midwest and Northeast.    Colder, dry air should return in time for Santa’s arrival if you’re staying close to home.

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