Fog, Rain, And Christmas Travel

Winter Officially Arrives This Week Too

A warm, humid air mass has settled into the region.  While the initial storm track will likely miss us to the north and west, there will be a shower in spots.   However, the biggest concern will be late-night and morning fog through the middle part of this week.

A cool front approaching Wednesday will trigger showers and a gusty thunderstorm.   Less humid weather will return just in time for the official arrival of Winter; 11:28 am est Thursday.

The main question headed into this extended holiday weekend is where our latest storm will stall.   If it stalls to our south, we’ll dry things out and turn much colder for Christmas Day.  However, if it stalls to the northwest, it’ll be damp and warm through Christmas.   For now, it’s best to give yourself extra time to head over to Grandma’s house.  If you’re headed toward the Northeast, Midwest or Plains, you may have some snow to contend with this weekend.   Safe travels to all.

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