Detective: Murder Victim Identified his own Killer

Three teenagers charged with the Murder of Javion Shorter

Detectives testify three teenagers are facing felony murder charges for the death of Javion Shorter.

The trio arrested after Shorter was gunned down last month at the Ballard Way Apartments on Hunter Road.

According to court testimony Javion Shorter was shot in the arm and abdomen in a breezeway at the apartment complex but but briefly able to respond.

A detective said Shorter told cops who fired the shots and then collapsed.

Defense Attorney Stacey Jackson pressed police to identify that person named by Shorter and recorded by a body cam video but investigators declined.

A witness told officers suspect Nashira Miller asked to borrow a cell phone because she needed a ride.

Moments later two male suspects appeared in a stolen red Dodge Ram, one of them Miller’s ex boyfriend and father of her child.

Shots were fired and the suspects fled at a high rate of speed but they left behind ballistic evidence.

Suspect Javon Mcclendon  initially told police he was the getaway driver and Daijon Williams was the trigger man but later recanted.

The trio was later taken into custody at Williams apartment on Torch Hill Road where detectives discovered a 38 caliber weapon that matched projectile discovered inside the victim.

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