Fairfax Mill in Valley Catches on Fire After Prescribed Burn Spreads

A controlled burn by the landowner of the old Fairfax Mill in Valley, got out of control.

East Alabama Fire District called around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Firefighters all Wednesday night and Thursday have been working to contain the fire.

Fire Chief Neal Marberry said right now, they are putting out hotspots, but the problem they are running into is the bulk of the fire is under large 4 inch concrete slabs, so it’s difficult to get to.

Thursday, they are just trying to keep the smoke levels down from getting into the neighborhoods.

No injuries were reported.

“The owner of the property had originally been conducting a controlled burn, burning wood products. The fire got out of control, spread to the building and with the wind conditions and such the mill did end up burning,” said Chief Marberry.

WLTZ also spoke with Chambers County Commissioner Debbie Wood.

She said that the owner of the land did not have a permit from the county or state to conduct a prescribed burn.

So, he could be facing some charges.

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