Lee County Democratic & Republican Parties Weigh in on U.S. Senate Special Election

A strong voter turnout in Lee County Tuesday for Alabama’s U.S. Senate special election.

The controversy over the Roy Moore sex allegations could be sparking more interest.

The Lee County Democratic Club said they believe their party has momentum. But, local Republic Party members said it’s been a hard campaign and the ongoing Moore sex scandal has them feeling deflated.

Canvasing, going door to door and trying to help voters on the fence.

The Democratic party of Lee County said it’s been an exciting time for them.

“I like that Doug Jones supports education and supporting women at this point with everything that’s going on and taken a strong stance to support women and empower them and I have a daughter and that’s important for her to see with everything going on these days,” said Nancy Carlton Bendinger, Lee County Democratic Club Member.

Carlton Bendinger said though, she’s also voting for Jones because of the person he is.

“Look at the candidate and not just the party. I do fee like that’s more important in the long run is putting the right people there not necessarily just because of their party and really the process should work with having both sides represented so that the process does work,” said Carlton Bendinger.

Amid allegations of sexual misconduct, the local Republican party, say they still believe in Roy Moore.

“He’ll be a voice for the conservative Christians in this country and I think that will be his major accomplishments and I think he’ll serve Alabama proud and the nation proud,” said Lee County GOP Chairman, Gerald Knight.

But, said it’s been a tough run so far.

“It does seem extremely awkward and it’s caused a lot of strain in the Republican Party because these allegations are volatile and creates disheartenment among Conservative Republicans and makes them feel like they are voting for someone with these types of allegations,” said Knight.

Local members of both parties agree though, that the national attention has definitely motivated more Alabamians to vote.

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