High Voter Turnout in Lee County for Alabama’s U.S. Senate Special Election

At the Dean Rd. polling location in Auburn,they requested 1900 hundred ballots.

As of noon Tuesday, they ran out and had to get more printed to be delivered in the afternoon.

So, this just shows how many Alabamians are coming out to vote in the Special Election for U.S. Senate.

At that location, Election Inspector Carolyn Carr says she’s seen an array of age groups come out and vote, especially many college students.

She also said, many requested instructions on how to write in a candidate.

But, she does say in her 20 years working the polls, this has definitely been the most interesting election she’s ever covered.

People have even made comments to her on why they are voting Tuesday.

“I’m not going to speak about things people have said to me personally, but people think their chief inspector is like their priest and they tell us how they are voting. So, I’ve heard some very interesting reasons why people are voting the way they are voting,” said Carr.

Carr adds that turnout Tuesday has been even better than in past gubernatorial races.

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