Day Two of Deliberation: Jurors Become “Hostile” & Did Not Reach A Verdict

Markale Hart Trial

Dramatic details from inside the jury room.

Those men and women deliberating the fate of Markale Hart in a murder trial.

Hart accused of killing Auburn football player Jakell Mitchell.

Hart admitted on the stand, he shot Mitchell, saying he was just trying to protect himself and others.

The jury arguing heatedly, and asking questions Monday about self-defense.

Monday, the jury came back into the courtroom to ask questions about Alabama’s self defense law, namely, “under the law, could Hart defend himself and others,” because, the panel told the judge, that was not “really made clear in the defense’s argument.”

The judge said he couldn’t answer that question, but, again, read aloud to the jury, the “Stand Your Ground Law.”

The judge then charged jurors to render a verdict based on the evidence they heard during the trial.

Things then got heated.

“We are not getting anywhere and it’s getting hostile,” said Lee County Circuit Judge Christopher Hughes.

So, the judge called jurors back into court for a second time Monday, and challenged them, saying”

“If not you, then who? What would make you think we can start all over from scratch and find 12 better people?” said Judge Hughes.

He said with the mass of evidence in front of them, there is still plenty of room for a verdict.

Judge Hughes reminded them that they had heard four days of testimony, had received hundreds of pictures, documents and exhibits to go through and had heard detailed testimony about what happened  the night of the shooting.

“Please look at this from an open mind, a fair mind and continue to try and work hard,” said Judge Hughes.

He also told jurors not to let passion or anger get in the way of deliberations.

They will continue to deliberate Tuesday at 9 a.m.

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