Markale Hart Takes the Stand in His Own Defense

Testimony revealed Friday that everything that led up to the fatal shooting had to do over Jakell Mitchell’s girlfriend, Ayanna Huguley.

Mitchell posted a picture of his girlfriend on Instagram and Tyrone Rowe, Hart’s cousin, liked it.

Mitchell told Rowe to stop liking his pictures.

This was a year before the shooting.

Fast forward to the night of the party on December 14, 2014, at Tiger Lodge Apartments, Mitchell saw Rowe and that’s when the argument started.

Rowe said he was ready for a fist fight, but testified that’s when Mitchell pulled the gun.

“He said you’re going to be a dead man for messing with my girlfriend. He was just looking at me and I said come on are we going to fight and that’s when he pulled out a firearm and waved it around and pointed it at me,” said Rowe.

In a dramatic turn, Hart took the stand in his own defense.

Hart testified, when the argument started between Rowe and Mitchell, he was trying to take Rowe away, but then an old friend named “Big D” said “something was about to happen” and asked Hart if he was “strapped.”

Hart said no, so “Big D” put a gun in Hart’s pocket.

He testified that Mitchell then shot at Rowe and that’s when Hart pulled the gun from his pocket and started shooting.

“He was shooting at me and I was trying to dodge and I was backing up shooting like that,” said Hart.

Hart also apologized to Mitchell’s family.

“Do you realize sitting here today that you killed somebody?” asked Hart’s attorney, Jerry Blevins.

“Unfortunately, I do realize. I feel bad about it. It hurts for me sitting here and looking at his family and I feel terrible, especially looking at his mother. It has to be devastating,” said Hart.

But, the prosecution argued that Mitchell fired 11 rounds and none hit Hart or anyone else. Hart shot 10 rounds and five rounds hit Mitchell.

The prosecution and defense also presented their closing arguments.

Jury deliberation will continue Monday at 9 a.m.

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