Prosecution Rests Case in Markale Hart Murder Trial


Day four of the Markale Hart murder trial wraps up with the prosecution resting it’s case.

Hart accused of shooting and killing Auburn football player Jakell Mitchell.

The lead detective took the stand to read aloud the statement Markale Hart gave to police the night of the shooting.

STATEMENT: “The guy walked up and had a gun at his hand and he pointed it at Tyrone and at me and he shot back and I shot back and I took off running and dropped the gun and I got into the car and we left and when I saw the guy fall I stopped shooting and ran. Signed Markale Hart”

Contrary to an earlier statement, police said Hart never called 911 to admit to a shooting.

Also in testimony Thursday, it was revealed that the 45 caliber found on the scene, in fact, belonged to Mitchell’s distant cousin.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Steven Dunton detailed the gunshot wounds to Mitchell; one bullet through his left lung, multiple through his liver, one below his right armpit area, and one to the foot.

Dr. Dunton also testified that Mitchell’s blood alcohol level was over the legal limit at 0.097.

The prosecution rested their case.

The defense called up a few witnesses before wrapping up for the night.

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