Recount Sought In Atlanta Mayoral Race

Keisha Bottoms Claims Victory In Atlanta Mayoral Race but Her Opponent Seeks a Recount

(CNN) – Voters hit the polls Tuesday to choose Atlanta’s next mayor and it looks like the race is too close to call.

Democratic candidate Keisha Bottoms has declared victory.

While Mary Norwood, who ran as an independent, is asking for a recount.

She says military absentee and provisional ballots could change the result.

Bottoms led Norwood in the nonpartisan race by an unofficial count 759 votes early Wednesday.

That didn’t stop Bottoms from giving her victory speech.

Bottoms stated that “After talking to thousands of voters across this city, you all decided that our campaign was the one that you should support. When all odds seemed against us, you all stood with us. One Atlanta. As we stand tonight, united and one Atlanta.”

But if Norwood wins, she would become Atlanta’s first white mayor in more than 40 years.

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