Markale Hart Trial: Jakell Mitchell’s Former Girlfriend & Cousin Take the Stand

The Markale Hart murder trial continues.  Jakell Mitchell’s girlfriend at the time details what she saw when the bullets began to fly.

She said Mitchell tried to protect her even as he was dying.

Three witnesses share the dramatic testimony of how a night of partying turned deadly and the friends who tried desperately to keep Mitchell alive.

Mitchell’s girlfriend at the time, Ayanna Huguley, was the first to take the stand.

Huguley testified that the defendant was the first to pull the trigger.

Hughley said he tried to shove her out of the way before the shooting happened.

The prosecution contends, only then, did Mitchell try to fight back.

“As Markale shot Jakell, Jakell stumbled down and he tried to get back up. As he tried to get back up, Jakell tried to grab his gun and shoot back, but he fell again and Markale kept shooting and then he (Markale) ran,” said Hughley.

Mitchell’s cousin, Malik Butler, testified.

“Everybody was just like Jakell got shot and I turned around and looked and saw him stumbling,” said Butler.

Butler said he helped the struggling Mitchell into a car.

Chastity Baker testified she then tried to drive Mitchell to the hospital before being pulled over by police.

Auburn police Corporal James Perry also testified that when they arrived on scene, they only found two types of shell casings and one gun.

A 45 caliber glock in the parking lot that, previously stated, was Mitchell’s.


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