Auburn Toy Drive: APD Helping Out Families in Need During Christmas

The Auburn Police Division started to sort through all of the toys donated to them through the Auburn Toy Drive.

This has been a tradition for more than 40 years now.

The police division asks the community to donate toys and then they give it to those in need.

They give out toys to around 200 to 300 kids ages two to eight.

Last year, they received around 3,000 toys.

Cpt. Lorenza Dorsey said he’s amazed each year of the generosity of the community.

“This is a great community to live in. They support what we do, they support public safety and we want to do our part from the public safety aspect, but also give back to the community and what we can do for the kids and that’s what this is about,” said Cpt. Dorsey.

If you would like to donate you still can! Just drop off your gift to the police division.

They are still looking for more bikes and add that if you buy one, the police division will go pick it up from the store. You don’t have to bring it to them.

The toy drive not only helps out families in need, they also donate the toys to the Head Start program and the Domestic Violence Center.

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