Trial Begins for Markale Hart, Man Accused of Shooting and Killing Auburn Football Player, Jakell Mitchell in 2014

Day one of the Markale Hart trial, the man accused of shooting and killing Auburn football player, Jakell Mitchell.

Hart said it was self defense when he shot and killed Mitchell at an off campus party at the Tiger Lodge Apartment Complex in Auburn on December 14, 2014.

Jury selection in Hart’s trial began Monday and lasted throughout the day.

Lee County Judge Christopher Hughes interviewed 70 potential jurors.

District Attorney Brandon Hughes said because of the publicity surrounding this case, it will take a little longer to seat a jury.

Hart testified, and has said since the beginning, that Mitchell was the first one to pull a weapon.

At the time, Hart sought to have the charges dropped based on Alabama’s Stand Your Ground Law, but that motion was denied.

His initial trial was set for December 5, 2016, but Hart was granted a continuance since a key witness for the defense was on active duty with the Alabama National Guard and was in Kuwait until this past May.

Hart was then released on bond.

But, on February 26,2017 he was arrested in Dadeville for driving under the influence, receiving stolen property and illegal possession of a firearm.

His bond was revoked and he’s been behind bars since.

Jury selection will continue Tuesday morning and then the prosecution and defense will give opening statements.

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