Police : No connection between Witness Testimony and Murders

Three recent Homicide Victims were witnesses to separate Murders

Police say witness testimony is not necessarily a motive for murder.

A disturbing common denominator has emerged after some of the most recent homicides where the victims were actually witnesses in other cases.

Detectives tell First News those details are interesting but appear to be purely coincidental.

Recent murder victim Steve Phillips a key witness to another killing was gunned down in November.

“There is nothing in that investigation. I’m not going to say it’s not because we haven’t cleared the case yet but we have nothing , nothing, no evidence the reason he was shot because he testified a year or so ago.” said assistant Chief Gil Slouchick.

Travis Porter also a key witness who recanted his testimony on the stand also gunned down in September. Slouchick says it makes an interesting headline but that’s it.

“I know it probably makes good news but we haven’t made a connection in those two individuals deaths and the fact that they testified in court,” said Slouchick.

The assistant Chief says in fact he cannot confirm a single case of retaliation killing simply because the victim was a witness in another case.

“You know we’ve had some back and forth but I dont’ know of any where someone has been shot because they were a witness.”

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