Christmas Has a Tree Shortage This Year

last decade's decisions are affecting today's prices


As you’re making your wish list this year, you may want to ask Santa’s help in finding a Christmas tree.

Recent findings by the National Christmas Tree Association (CTA) suggest it may be more difficult and more expensive to get a real tree this year.

The CTA says that during the 2008 financial crisis growers planted fewer trees.

Some growers even left the business all together.

Since it takes between 7 and 10 years for a Christmas tree to mature, last decade’s decisions are affecting today’s prices.

If you want to keep your tree fresh for longer.

When you’re picking out your tree, pull a branch slowly through your fingers to make sure no needles are loose or brittle. Then, have it cut.

Nathan Bottoms, the co-owner of Bottoms Christmas Tree Farm says, “The trunk will seal up with sap…so you want to take off about an inch,

make sure the tree has a fresh cut on it so we can have all our trees drinking water when they get to your house.”

Get the tree in water within two hours.

Nathan adds, “The most important thing to keep this tree fresh through christmas is water. Lots and lots of water.”

Place your new tree in an area that avoids direct sunlight and don’t put it near heating vents

to ensure your tree lasts through the season.

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