Auburn and Georgia Get Set for the SEC Championship in Atlanta


It’s the deep souths oldest rivalry round two and this time it’s in the SEC championship.

Auburn hangs a big win over the Dawgs just three weeks ago, but could Auburn be missing their star running back Kerryon Johnson who put up 172 yards on the ground and got on the end of a 55 yard pass from Jarrett Stidham for a touchdown in that game.

Well according to head auburn football coach Gus Malzahn it is going to be a game time decision as to whether Kerryon is good to go, the same is for Georgia senior full back Christian Payne.

Looking back on the loss three weeks ago for Georgia, the mindset this week is on toughness.

“You put a rock in their shoe. You put a rock in their shoe they get real upset and they get frustrated and they play harder but I wish there was an easy trick to it gimmick to it. its built over time. its not just built over night,” says head Georgia football coach Kirby Smart.

For Auburn, it’s staying consistent.

“You know the last couple weeks we’ve been peaking. Now the hard part is to continue to do that, because you’ve got to do that every single week from here on out because your playing great opponents like Georgia.”

We will get to see if Auburn can keep the momentum going as they try of its 6th straight win and Georgia if they can break through Auburn’s defense to put up the numbers on the ground that they have against every other opponent this season.

The game is set to get started tomorrow at 4 pm eastern time.

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