Voter Fraud: Felons, the Dead, GA residents cast ballot in Phenix City

82 Voters used Business Address to Register in Phenix City

A Voter Fraud Investigation exposed people casting ballots illegally in a City Council Election.

After a lengthy investigation, Phenix City Police Chief Ray Smith said he identified 82 voters that registered using their business address. Even more shocking, the Registrar produced a roll that includes convicted felons, dead people and Columbus residents.

“I’ve got Smiths Station, a couple from Columbus, Auburn. I’m just going down the list, Ozark, Alabama,” said Chief Smith.

Chief Smith revealing new details about the voter fraud investigation during a meeting with local pastors, political activists and concerned citizens.

According to Alabama law, the Chief said it was up to his office and Mayor Eddie Lowe to handle the matter and after a careful review of the voter roll in District 2 provided by the Registrar

82 voters registered in Phenix City using their business address , 15 of those including 10 Realtors and 5 car dealers registered just prior to the City Council election showing intent the Police Chief said.

City Manager Wallace Hunter doubling down after hearing the findings telling those gathered….let’s call it what it is, “a scheme”.

And then there was this revelation, that the Registrar Gary Head who is responsible for voter registration  is related to candidate Baxley Oswalt.

Oswalt  is squaring off against Vicky Carter Johnson in the runoff.

Only 15 votes separated the two with Carter ahead in the special election.

The City Council runoff is December 19th.

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