LGBT Float Enters Opelika Christmas Parade

Pride on The Plains Float Meets Participation Requirements

The Opelika Christmas parade rolls through Saturday, December 2 with a new twist. Pride on the Plains​, an LGBT organization has entered a float. Pride on the Plains says it just wants to participate as any community group would. But, not everyone is happy with the addition of their float.

It’s the first time “Pride on the Plains” has participated in the Opelika Christmas parade.

“Let the larger community, not just the LGBT community, let them understand what we’re about and let them understand we want to be part of the community here in Lee County,” said Megan Henry, Board Member of Pride on the Plains.

But, some objected to the LGBT float.

With Facebook comments like — “I don’t see why a gay pride float with drag queens belong in a Christmas Parade surrounded by children?”

And — “I don’t see the need in being in costume in front of God and everybody else?”

“We have decided that we are going to fight the hate with love and not stoop down to that level. We are going to show everyone that we are not what they think we are,” said Timothy Peacock, Board Member of Pride on the Plains.

“We are on a mission for love and acceptance here and that’s all we are going to promote is love and acceptance,” said Henry.

The Chamber of  Commerce got some complaints, too.

“We have had some phone calls through the Chamber and we’ve explained our policy to each person who calls. We don’t turn anyone down who would like to put an entry into our parade,” said Pam Powers-Smith, Opelika Chamber of Commerce President.

Pride on the Plains said their float is a Christmas float and nothing more and it meets all of the requirements.

“This is not a gay pride float we have a Christmas float put on by a LGBT non-profit organization,” said Peacock.

“This is a family-friendly event. The Opelika Christmas parade has a set of community standards and I wouldn’t present a float that I could not allow my own children to see,” said Henry.

The Opelika Christmas Parade will be Saturday December, 2 at 10 am CST.

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