Police identify Shooters suspect by Ralph Lauren Underwear

Devante Patterson was free on Bond for Armed Robbery when Burglary occurred

The Shooters burglary suspect was a frequent flyer at the local gun shop according to court testimony.

Devante Patterson not once, but three times tried to break into Shooters.

His last attempt was successful and he escaped with ten guns.

A police detective told the court the 23 year old suspect, free on bond for armed robbery tried to gain access to Shooters earlier this month but his mission failed.

During one of the burglary attempts, employees armed with their own personal weapons responded. 

Patterson left behind blood evidence after his second attempted smash and grab.

Not to be deterred he returned again on November 24th  where he was caught on camera.

Investigators say his name brand attire helped identify him , specifically his Ralph Polo underwear

When police were tipped off by a local pawn shop Patterson was attempting to sell the stolen guns hours later,  they responded and asked the suspect to show them his underwear.

It was a match.

A short time later, law enforcement located other evidence inside the suspect’s vehicle tying him to the crime including nine of the ten stolen guns were recovered.

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