Retired U.S. Army General/ Former White House Official Speaks at Auburn University

Retired U.S. Army General and Former White House official Barry McCaffrey’s visit was part of Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business school’s 50th anniversary.

“I think leaders coming in and spending time with us really speaks to what Auburn is as a brand and what it means in the leadership conversation,” said Katie Alexander, First Year MBA student at Auburn University.

Retired Gen. McCaffrey gave students a perspective on leadership of complex organizations, problem-solving and their their future as college graduates.

“How do you get large organizations to do complex duties on time, under budget and stay motivated and keep a stable workforce? So, it’s the tools you employ as a leader to achieve those ends,” said Barry McCaffrey, Retired Army General, Former White House Official.

In an open question and answer session with MBA and undergraduate business students, he also touched on change and risk management in a business setting.

Retired Gen. McCaffrey also shared some stories of how his military background translated into the civilian life and how the tools he learned there apply to the business he runs now.

“I think for his experiences in the public sector as a government official and as a military official and now in the private sector as a consultant will be interesting and helpful for all students,”  said Alexander.

Connecting the students with globally recognized leaders is a part of Auburn’s plan to boost it’s college of business.

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