Driver, Dog Owner Charged for Lakebottom Fatality

Rebecca Hastie was struck and killed tending to Dog in the Road


The Driver who struck and killed a pedestrian earlier this month is facing criminal charges.

Investigators tell First News all four people involved in the fatal accident on Cherokee Avenue are residents of Lakebottom.

As widely reported , 62 year old Rebecca Hastie’s concern for a dog in the road started the chain of events that Sunday night.

“First of all, we looked at how the dog got there. We did locate the dog’s owner and the dog did get loose inadvertently by mistake there was no mal intent”, SGT Fred Carnes.

Police  say John Johnson, for reasons unknown did not see Hastie and two other concerned citizens who stopped to help the dog.

The driver who was traveling with children in the vehicle and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol told police he was attempting to avoid one of the victim’s parked car’s when he struck all

three victims. 

Johnson was charged with homicide by vehicle second degree, following too close and failure to exercise due care.

Initially witnesses reported the driver was texting but the lead investigator says that’s not what the evidence revealed.

“There was no indications of texting and driving in this case. Some inattentiveness which means for whatever reason he did not see the truck, the vehicle to his front and the people in the road but the investigation revealed that it was not due to him texting.” said SGT Carnes.

The dog also died on the scene.

The dog’s owner was charged with unattended dog, no city permit or rabies vaccine.

Police declined to publicly name the dog owner.

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