Massage Envy Facing Over 180 Allegations of Sexual Assault

The largest massage franchise chain in the country is facing allegations of sexual assault.

Dozens of women say they were sexually assaulted at Massage Envy locations by male massage therapists, including one alleged victim who went

public Monday with her traumatic story.

Tara Woodley made an appointment at Massage Envy this September in Washington, D.C. as a treat to celebrate her new job.

She never expected her male therapist assaulted her.

She immediately called 911 and the massage therapist was arrested.

He was charged for her alleged assault and another one just 3 weeks prior.

In court documents, detectives say Massage Envy Management knew about the prior complaint.

In another city, Susan Ingram was assaulted and asked a Massage Envy manager to stop the therapist from seeing his next female client.

Monday, Massage Envy   acknowledged what Buzzfeed News first reported:  “More than 180 people have filed sexual assault lawsuits,

police reports, and state board complaints against massage envy spas, their employees, and the national company.”

The company said the incidents “…occurred over a span of 15 plus years and 125 million massages. But, we believe that even one incident is too many.”


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