Fuller Center Homes Going Up for Families in Need Around the Chattahoochee

38 homes and counting going up around the West Point, Valley and Lanett area for under privileged families.

Right now, they are building house 38 for a single mom with three kids.

They say a Fuller Center home is not a hand out, but a hand up and explain by working alongside volunteers and repaying construction costs on terms they can handle, homeowners are able to regain a sense of basic human dignity, offering people decent affordable homes with no interest.

Started by Millard Fuller and his wife in 2005, all volunteer based. 4,000 homes built already and just in the West Point, Valley and Lanett area, 38 homes already up.

“Standing in front of number 38 home that Fuller Center did in the Valley, it’s right next to the number 37 home we did in June. So, just back to back continuing to make West Point better and providing housing for those in need in West Point and I couldn’t be more proud of the Fuller Center and the job they do here,” said West Point Mayor Steve Tramell.

House number 38 going to a single mom of three bringing her into this home and out of the housing authority.

“To me, that means everything. It’s going to give these kids a better life,” said Kim Roberts, Executive  Director of Chattahoochee Fuller Center.

This house is sponsored by EAMC Lanier and employees will be finishing the house the first week of December.

House number 37 right next door houses a veteran with a sick son.

“This community supports the Fuller Center 100%,” said Roberts.

And they do, excited and eager to come together to build homes for those in need in the West Point community.


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