One of the Last Members of the Women’s Army Corp Belongs to a Tight Knit Group in Columbus

Debbie Dresser meets with numerous Knitters once a week at Panera Bread on Whitesville Road.

Some go to Panera Bread for the fantastic food and warm atmosphere but every Monday night there is another attraction at the location on Whitesville road in Columbus, Georgia.

A good size crowd of about 20 ladies arrive early enough to eat some dinner and stay late enough to do some nice knitting for family friends and strangers.

Former member of the Women’s Army Corp, Debbie Dresser finds knitting with her group of friends relaxing.

The Women’s Army Corp was the female branch of the Army which began in 1942.

However Debbie┬á Joined in the mid 70’s and was one of the last WAC’s before they were disbanded and integrated into the regular Army.

Now she has the memories of her military time while knitting helmet liners for service members on combat patrol.

If you would like to join the knitting group just show up Monday nights at Panera bread on Whitesville road in Columbus, GA


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