Scholar Athlete: Antonio Roberts


Springwood Senior Antonio Roberts didn’t think playing football was for him until he realized he could help his friends and teammates.

“It’s just like doing it for the team, just want to see the team do good. Just doing it for others,” Says Roberts.

His day is chalked full of AP classes, Robotics Club, Spanish Club, SGA and football, but his busy schedule is what keeps him motivated.

“As soon as I get home, I know I have to do that work. I know there s no time to waste, I have to get right to it. It definitely is a motivator to get your work done,” Says Roberts

Antonio is taking college level courses and still maintains a 3.5 GPA, but his motivation to do well in the classroom goes beyond just getting a scholarship.

“I know my mom is putting in a lot of money and effort so I know this is my only occupation as of now, school is the only thing I have to focus on. I’m trying to just do it and get a good career, provide for my family and stuff like that. Hoping I can set myself on a good course,” Says Roberts.

That good course led him to deciding what he wants to do for a living after college.

“I just like teeth. It’s an occupation that people are going to need for a long time I feel like. I feel like dentist is a good job, Ilike it, it seems like a good occupation,” Says Roberts.

Congratulations to Antonio Roberts Wltz’s Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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