Police: Paramedic Robbed by Salvation Army Bell Ringer

Lori Rambo had Purse, Cell Phone taken while Responding to Call

A local Paramedic was robbed by Volunteer Bell Ringer according to a Police Report.

Criminals come up with all kinds of crafty ways to separate you from your possessions and just when you think you have heard it all there is the story of local First Responder Lori Rambo.

EMS Care Ambulance and Ramble, a Paramedic with more than 10 years experience  responded to a call for help inside the Piggly Wiggly on Woodruff Farm Road this past Saturday.

“We pulled up in the fire lane in front of Piggly Wiggly and went inside and checked on the guy and we weren’t in there more than 5 minutes and I came out and my bag was gone.”

Her purse and cell phone snatched. Luckily she thought the volunteer bell ringer in front of the store could ID a potential suspect.

So you originally approached him because you thought he was a witness?

“Right, Right, yes but he said he saw nothing.”

But the camera doesn‘t lie and video surveillance showed the bell ringer stashing the paramedics personal belongings inside the store.

The Bell ringer, 35 year old Fabian Britt was busted and charged with theft by taking and entering an auto.

“As a paramedic you know if you surprise me you’ve done something because I’ve seen a lot of things but I was really surprised and sad.”

But grateful . All of her possessions including prescription medicine was quickly returned.

A spokesperson for the Salvation Army which spends hundreds of thousands of dollars helping local people in need, Captain Josh Hinson says he’s can’t apologize enough that the incident is not “in line” with what the Salvation Army represents or their mission.

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