Grand Jury indicts Truck Driver who killed Family of Five

Kenneth Cathey charged with Criminally Negligent Homicide

A Russell County Grand Jury indicts local Truck Driver after fatal accident.

The driver of that truck still maintains he was swerving to avoid hitting a dog when he plowed head on into that family of five.

But there was no evidence of swerving, tire tracks or breaking according to a source with first hand knowledge of the case.

Kenneth Cathey was working an early morning shift for Schnitzer Steele trucking of Columbus when he slammed into Carrie Jones killing the 32 year old, her two children, just four and seven

her mother and her mother’s twin sister in front of the East Alabama Motor speedway.

The family of five was traveling back to Louisiana after visiting a relative. The gruesome scene shocked seasoned first responders and neighbors who rushed to help free the victims.

Last week a Russell County Grand Jury heard evidence that Cathey was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that speed was not a factor in the accident.

The truck driver did not testify and the Grand Jury returned with a five count indictment for Criminally Negligent Homicide.

A wrongful death civil lawsuit filed by local Attorneys Butler, Wooten and PeakĀ  revealed there was no physical evidence Cathey attempted to break or stop before veering into the path of the Nissan Rogue Carrie Jones was driving. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

That criminally negligent homicide charge is a Misdemeanor in Alabama and carries a maximum of one year in prison making it highly unlikely the driver of the truck will serve any jail time here in Russell County.

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