Scholar Athlete: Valley High Basketball, Lagarian Hutchinson

Performing in the classroom didn’t always come easy for Lagarian Hutchinson, especially when he got to high school. He had to get a tutor in order to maintain the standard set by his parents to get straight A’s.

“Growing up my parents you know they didn’t go to college and they want us to go to college and they stay on us. Just as sports is very important to me, they say grades should be first,” says Valley senior shooting guard and forward, Lagarian Hutchinson. 

He has excelled in the classroom and in extracurricular activities with the Beta club and an organization called Ram-bassadors.

“I have to get service hours like up to 20 service hours,” says Hutchinson. 

Being a Ram-bassador provides an outlet for students to develop leadership qualities. Lagarian is able to translate the tools learned into his role on the basketball team.

“Just making yourself more dependable, knowing people have to depend on you to do the right things at the right time,” says Hutchinson. 

His preferred sport is football but chooses to play basketball in the winter and spring to stay in shape. After graduation he hopes to play at the next level.

“Main goal is to try and get my education paid for if that includes scholarship for football. I’ll be glad to play, but my main focus is my education,” says Hutchinson. 

With a current 3.8 GPA and 4 college credits, that shouldn’t be a problem. Congradulations to Lagarian Hutchinson of Valley high school, this week’s scholar athlete. 

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