Police Investigate City’s 30th Murder, Possible Retaliation

Steve Phillips Shot in the Head off Winston Road

Police investigate the City’s latest Murder, this latest incident in South Columbus.

According to witnesses on the scene this was no random act.

The victim, Steve Phillips was discovered dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

A walker passing by discovered Steve Phillips on a wooded path here off Winston Road.

Neighbors tell First News it was a quiet night and they heard nothing.

“It was like an Adam and Eve night….” Cynthia Garner told First News.

At some point, the 30 year old Phillips, A Spencer graduate and Army Brat met his fate, eerily similar to another  gang killing he witnessed according to the Columbus Ledger

who reported Phillips was the key witness in a recent murder trial this past Summer. 

Coroner Buddy Bryan says gang retaliation appears to be a deadly new trend.

“I know why it’s happening okay? A lot of it’s retaliation. Basically drug related, gang related type. Most of them seem to be execution styles here lately. The last five or six kinda getting rid of witnesses and things of that nature from what I’m hearing from Detectives.” Buddy Bryan

Phillip’s death marks the 30th murder in Columbus this year. Police say they have solved more than half of those and some of those have outstanding warrants on others.

The vast majority of those vicims knew their killer.

The number of Homicides is slightly higher at 37 but police say not every Homicide is investigated as a Murder.

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