$5.8 Million Going into Lanett Airport to Expand and Reorient the Runway

The city of Lanett is revamping their airport.

Around $6 million going into the airport to expand their runway 1000 ft. longer, to 4400 ft., and moving it in a different direction.

A plan in the works for almost 10 years now.

The existing runway is adjacent to I-85 and in the other direction a transmission line.

So, now they are rebuilding it to be parallel with the interstate. This way it will also have more room to expand.

“With the reorientation, the extension, we are able to serve industries that may require to have parts flown in or for management who need to fly in and facilitate their facilities and businesses at the spur of a moment. Whenever problems occur, they want to get the right people into those facilities in a timely manner,” said Ryan Pearce, Regional Airport Engineer for Goodwyn Mills and Cawood.

They purchased 110 acres, so they now have 330 acres for the airport. The acres they purchased are mostly wooded. So, they bid out a contract and sold that timber, so they are able to use that as their local match for the city to cover the funds needed, approximately $200,000 worth of timber sales.

The project is broken up in three phases. Phase one is their construction phase. They’re removing dirt, working on a drainage project and a culvert installation and after both of those items of work are completed, they’ll top it off with some stone, which is the base portion. Phase two is pave the project and then phase three will light the runway for night landings.

With this expansion, they say it will serve Chambers County, the industrial development properties off the interstate, giving them direct access.

“The ultimate goal of these facilities is for economic growth. We have a little saying is that you can build a mile of road and you have a mile of road, but you can build a mile runway and you have a highway to the world and that’s what we are trying to do here in Lanett,” said Pearce.

90% of the project funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, 5% from the state of Alabama and 5% from the city of Lanett.

“In any type of environment today, everyone is competitive. If we aren’t putting out something like the airport or keeping up with other communities, we are lagging behind. So, this is another step that we are using today to make our county and our city more economic friendly and more attractive to industries,” said City of Lanett Mayor, Kyle McCoy.

Phase one of the project will be completed by June 2018.

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