Man with 6 DUI Convictions Legally Driving when Motorcyclist Killed

Daniel Voss Charged with Homicide by Vehicle, DUI, Following to Close


Daniel Voss had 6 DUI convictions before he struck and killed Bobby Francis November 4th police confirmed in court today.

His last conviction recorded just this past January in Muscogee County.

A police officer testified Francis was at a complete stop just blocks from his own home when Daniel Voss slammed into him.

The motorcycle blinker still flashing when responding officers arrived on the scene and there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from Voss.

Voss told Police he had 2 12oz Budweisers and that on a scale of 1-to-10, he considered himself a one, not very drunk.

The officer testified Voss failed a field sobriety test prompting the felony DUI charge and in a rare move made a direct plea to the Judge to keep the defendant behind bars without bond citing public safety concerns.

At the Judge’s request the officer read aloud each DUI conviction dating back to 1986.

Mysteriously, Voss was driving on a valid Driver’s License at the time of the incident.

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