Police: Suspect offered $100 for 5 Minutes with 14 Year old

50 Year old Eric Menefee Arrested during Operation Hidden Guardian

According to police testimony, suspects caught in an undercover operation were willing to pay for sex with underage kids.

New details revealed here in Recorder’s Court about that child sex sting, Operation Hidden Guardian and the suspects nabbed by police.

Eric Menefee is one of 21 suspects charged with child exploitation and trafficking after he allegedly offered a hundred dollars for five minutes with a fourteen year old.

The 50 year old man from Opelika was represented by high profile defense attorney Stacey Jackson who challenged his client’s guilt and police tactics during the preliminary hearing.

“Well it does make a sticky issue of whether or not a person who may be on social media would have done this or acted in this manner unless they were sought out by the undercover agents.”

According to investigators it was the men who initiated the sex talk after the agents repeatedly informed the men they were communicating with a juvenile through texts, social media chats and phone calls, all of it recorded by police.

“I know especially when you’re dealing with the type of charges that your dealing with especially any case that involves minors there is a sensitivity to it but I just ask you all as the media as the public that you simply not rush to judgment and wait for all the facts to come out before making a determination on any case”, Jackson said.

Most of the suspects arrested in the operation appeared in a special session in front of Judge McBride. He gave them a forty thousand dollar bond each. For the handful who appeared here in Recorder’s court they received about half of that.

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