Lee County DA and Local Law Enforcement Bring in Opioid Antidote

Alabama is number one in opioid prescriptions issued and that raises a red flag for the Lee County District Attorney as well as local law enforcement.

“These drugs are being purchased legally, but then being sold illegally out on the streets,” said

Auburn police, Opelika police, and the Lee County Sheriff’s office are getting naloxone.

Naloxone is used to treat anyone suffering an opioid overdose.

When law enforcement arrive on scene and someone has overdosed, they can use this injection, which can temporarily reverse the overdose. As well as be used for first responders who are exposed to dangerous drugs.

“It allows us to have that peace of mind so if there’s an accidental exposure to this, such as a toxic opioid in regards to this epidemic creeping across our country, we will be ahead of the curve and this will help us to do exactly that,” said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Lee County is the first in Alabama to use these naloxone kits. Each department will get two which costs about $4,000 each.

Each department is already equipped with these kits and ready to use them if needed.

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