EAMC Plans to Open Freestanding Emergency Room in Auburn

50,000 people have come through East Alabama Medical Center’s emergency room this year.

Sometimes the backlog of serious and minor injuries means a long wait.

After a four year process, the hospital now has the green light to build a stand alone ER for non-life threatening conditions.

“Problems with emergency departments is you have something relatively minor and lets say a heart attack person comes in by ambulance, to be blunt, it’s all hands on deck taking care of that cardiac arrest compared to you,” said Terry Andrus, CEO & President of EAMC.

Stuff like stomach aches and sprained ankles to be treated at a 16,000 square foot facility near Auburn Research Park.

They’ll have a 24 hour pharmacy, the first in Lee County, X-ray and ultrasound equipment, CT scanner, clinical lab as well as equipment needed to serve the community.

“The flow doesn’t end up being what you might think it is, but it will divide up the work and give more access to our population. We have more people living here now and we just have to take care of them,” said Dr. Alan Moore, EAMC Medical Director for Emergency Department.

Auburn city officials said this will also give a great opportunity for Auburn University students to expand their learning and provide more services to the community.

“I think anything that happens in the city of Auburn that gives better access to healthcare and healthcare opportunities is certainly a win for Auburn and the community,” said David Dorton, City of Auburn Director of Public Relations.

They project the Freestanding ER to open by Fall 2018.

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