Scholar Athlete: Northside High Softball, Raelee Weaver

Most people have a hard time deciding what they want to be when they grow up, let alone picking a college major. Raelee Weaver has had her mind set on becoming a Neurosurgeon well before she really knew what that meant.

“In fifth grade I was just interested in the body, all types of the body, learning muscles and joints and tissues and stuff and I came across a brain book and I was like wow this is really interesting and then i just came across Neurology and Neurosurgeon,” says Northside softball sophomore Raelee Weaver.

That’s a tough career to pursue, especially when your playing softball along the way, but she welcomes the challenge even playing two positions.

“I like it like that, because I’m always some where in the game and I’m always around my teammates,” says Weaver.

During the week she is focused on her one advanced placement class and honors classes, as well as being a part of the best buddies club and HOSA. The one relief she gets from her hectic schedule, is being aroung her teammates.

“They always put me in a better mood like if I have a bad day at school or I do stress out a lot about my school because I want to do so well so when I come out here my teammates always help put a smile on my face,” says Weaver.

She maintains a 4.2 GPA by getting her work done ahead of time so school and softball don’t conflict, something she has worked tirelessly at as her team went on to win the GHSA class 4A state championship this year.

“I am still in it. All A’s right now. I am struggling. I’ve been focusing a lot more on softball, but now that its over and we’ve accomplished what we wanted now it’s time to get back into my books and keep my A’s going.

She plans to attend Mercer University when she graduates high school on a softball scholarship. Congratulations to Raelee Weaver of Northside high school, this week’s scholar athlete. 

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