Everyday is Veterans Day for Retired CSM Sam Rhodes

Veterans Walk and Lunch Saturday at Warrior Outreach

CSM Sam Rhodes has devoted his entire retired life to caring for Veterans and tackling taboo topics like Mental Health.

“That’s my thought all day long even at my job when I work full time. It’s what am I doing this evening? What am I going to be doing for the next Veteran?”

For nearly a decade, he’s been doing for veterans around town and here at the Warrior Outreach, a Ranch that serves as a welcome respite to Veterans suffering from PTSD and their family members.

“When you start hearing the stories of our great Veterans and their families and what they’re going through it pales in comparison to what I’ve been through and then thats on my heart now. That’s in my ruck sack.”

Because he knows.  Rhodes has walked a mile in their shoes and wrote the book “Breaking the Chains of Stigma Associated with post traumatic stress”

“Our current situation is we’ve got so many Veterans , 22 plus a day killing their self and I understand that , what that is every day. And yeah you can look at me and say dang that guy has everything going really great. Well you need to come hang out with me for a whole week and you’ll say damn how’s that guy making it”

Borrowing lingo from his Army Background, Rhodes says addressing Veterans with mental health issues comes down to some pretty basic life principals.

“We’ve got to be more situationally aware. You know that’s a big keyword for the Army. Situational awareness of the people around us. We’re losing too many soldiers. We’re losing too many spouses, even kids killing their self. We’ve got to be more active, be more caring.”

According to a detailed report by the Los Angeles Times the suicide rate is 50% higher for those serving in the Military. CSM Rhodes says it is our duty to Not look away.

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