Auburn’s Closing Stretch


Going into the season the offensive line was one of the biggest concern for the Auburn Tigers, but that offensive line has made huge improvements.

Braden Smith was named the SEC offensive lineman of the week after recording eight knock down blocks and eight blocks that led to first downs or touchdowns.

Smith and the guys up front helped Jarrett Stidham feel comfortable in the pocket, which led to Stidham going 20-27 and passing for 268 yards.

Coach Gus Malzahn credited his young offensive line for winning the game in the trenches.

“I am going to say this again, I do not think I have ever experienced this many new faces and new guys up front. It is a tribute to those guys that we have been as successful running the football and even throwing it and protecting with the new lineups,” Says Malzahn.

The deep south’s oldest rivalry comes with high stakes this weekend. The Georgia Bulldogs are trying to build a bullet proof case for the playoffs and the Tigers are trying to keep their SEC Championship hopes alive.

This rivalry game comes with a lot of emotion as many of Auburn’s players come from the state of Georgia.

“The state of Georgia, we’ve recruited extremely hard. A lot of our players are from there and it’s a very important game.  Our guys are going to be ready and their guys are going to be ready I think it makes this game special because of that,” Says Malzahn.



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