It’s the Time of Year When Deer-Car Collisions Begin to Spike

This time of year we are seeing a lot more deer activity. Across Georgia and Alabama, this is the time of year when deer-car collisions begin to spike.

Why? Mating season and the time change. The sun sets earlier now. So, more of us are on the road when deer are most active, dusk and dawn.

“Be alert, be attentive, particularly during the night when sight distance and reaction time is expanded even more because of visibility and circumstances like that. It’s all about being careful,” said Le County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Stay safe by slowing down and staying alert, especially if you see deer.

“We tell people if you’re speeding, you’re giving yourself less time to react it may not be avoidable, but at least you have a better chance if you are observing the speed limit to stop in time or take corrective action in regards to striking a deer,” said Sheriff Jones.

If it’s too late to avoid a collision, slow down as much as you can, but, don’t swerve. A driver who steers off the roadway is more likely to be injured or killed.

If you are involved in an accident with an animal which causes damage to your car, contact law enforcement.

Here’s a deer rut map ( tool for motorists to determine local peaks in deer movement.

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