16 Year Old Murder Suspect in Recorder’s Court

Anthony King charged with Murder of Tremaine Taylor on Henson Avenue

After multiple delays, 16 year old Anthony King was hauled into adult court charged with felony murder after police testified his family tried to cover for him.

A police investigator told the judge an eyewitness on the scene and a single shell casing ties the teenager to the murder of Tremaine Taylor.

Taylor was shot once in the torso at 458 Henson avenue in August.

Initially the suspect’s brother and another friend told police it was the work of a drive by shooter but were later charged with giving false statements and admitted to lying about the case.

Police say King’s mother refused to cooperate and would not allow the 16 year old to speak with investigators.

We caught up with her outside the courtroom and asked why?

“No because he wasn’t there. I was there. They didn’t talk to me. They never questioned me or anything so no I did not. Why do they want to question somebody not there.” the suspect’s mother said.

Detectives testified that not only was he there at the home but the teen also pulled the trigger and it was only after the 16 year old turned himself in for an unrelated charge from June

that he was confronted with evidence and charged with murder.

King is currently being detained at the Youth Detention Center because of his age, and without bond due to the nature of the charges.

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