Update on Loachapoka Head Football Coach


Back in June, Antonio Richards came all the way from Michigan to take over the Loachapoka football program as the new head coach. Just a few games into the season he felt uneasy one Friday morning and by the next he was admitted to UAB Birmingham hospital for a rare blood disease called TTP.

“I had 6% of platelets left on me and they were like if I would have came in 2 or 3 hours later I would be dead right now,” says coach Richards.

Through plasma exchanges, blood transfusion, and a form of chemo, everything seemed to be going fine for coach Bam so they released him from the hospital and he went back to coaching. Shortly after, on a routine check up, the doctors found that his platelets had depleated once again and he had to go back.

“Now I’ve been here for two weeks and so they are just trying to find some way to get it stable,” says coach Richards.

He misses football more than anything right now, not having been with his team since the game against Isabella, but his first priority to get healthy.

“You know I’m just here to make sure it’s right, to get it right, and so I can get back on the gridiron,” says coach Richards.

“I’m always going to still be coach Bam. I’m never going to let my work ethic, I’m never going to let my drive for the sport change who I am. I just gotta do it in other ways,” says coach Richards.

Coach Bam had one message that he’d like to share from all of this and that’s to get checked out when something just doesn’t feel right. Don’t try to be the tough guy. 

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