Scholar Athlete: Columbus High Football, Philip Adams

There’s one guy on the Columbus high football team that’s hard to miss. Philip Adams stands at 6’6” and that’s helping him to get recruited to some of the top schools.

“Yales looking at me, University of Chicago, Davidson too, and a couple smaller schools like Hamilton and Carnegie Mellon too,” says Columbus senior defensive end and tight end Philip Adams. 

“Those schools aren’t just looking for great athletes but high performing students as well. Philip has no problem in that area with a current 4.548 GPA.

“I’m really just kind of highly motivated I guess, academically and athletically and just always pushing myself to try and do the best I can no matter what it is,” says Adams. 

His greatest achievement is the non profit organization he founded to help youth football players in the class room.

“It is called Work Hard Play Hard. We did it for the first time last year and what I do is take a bus over to East Way and then we load up some of the kids on the bus take them back to the church and you know help out with some tutoring,” says Adams. 

He also has a passion for numbers. Enjoying his AP economics class in high school has led him to pursue a career on Wall Street.

“Seems really interesting and challenging and you know I’ve always loved to challenge myself and that is what’s kind of gotten me here to this point,” says Adams. 

Adams will graduate with 12 total advanced placement classes and hopes to major in business or economics in college while playing football if he can. Congradulations to Philip Adams of Columbus high school, this weeks scholar athlete. 

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