City Rounds up Coyotes

Columbus Hires Private Company to Trap Coyotes

From North to South coyotes have been roaming around creating a ruckus here in Columbus neighborhoods like this one where residents are recounting horror stories about their family pets being snatched up one by one.

“The rabbits have disappeared. All of the feral cats have disappeared. People’s personal cats have disappeared. It’s a serious matter here”, said Sandi Green.

Sandi Green knows first hand what the creatures are capable of sharing photos of her own injured dog attacked in the backyard of her Brookstone home.

“I have a doggie door and they use to keep them in . Now anytime they go out after dark I have to stay  there with them with a baseball bat just in case.”

But her neighbors weren’t so lucky, like many others reporting their pets have disappeared minutes after being let out.

So the city responded this week hiring Jarrod the Exterminator to round the critters up.

“A lot of pest control companies might catch a squirrel or an armadillo something easy but when it comes to beavers, bats, coyotes things of the nature you gotta call on the professionals”

Jarrod the expert says tells First News the problem is in part a man made one.

The coyotes he says are just looking for quick meal and a place to crash after developers  moved in on their real estate.

He says trapping the coyotes is not a simple process and involves surveillance, tracking and then trapping the animals.

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