City to Regulate Short Term Rental Properties

Short Term Rentals up 200% since 2016 on Popular Websites

Business is booming for short term rentals here in Columbus on popular sites like Airbnb but the city wants their cut of the profits and they’re busy crafting an ordinance to do just that.

 Short term rentals are all the rage up a whopping 200 percent here just since 2016 according to Peter Bowden , CEO of the Columbus Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

The temporary crash pads scattered throughout the city range from upscale neighborhoods , middle class suburbs and if you’re not hung up on modern conveniences like indoor plumbing

there’s even a tree house for rent when you really need to get away.

“Number one I think we ought to know where they are because if they’re going in residential areas technically it’s a commercial enterprise not that we want to erradicate them or get them out of here it’s just we should know where they are” said Councilor Skip Henderson.

Henderson says it poses a safety issue and it’s not a level playing field for businesses who pay taxes.  Peter Bowden agrees telling First News they aren’t against the business model but a recent study showed the city lost nearly 95 thousand in revenue based on the occupancy.

“We also want to be sure that they are not creating an unfair compititon to our hotels who have made significant investments in Columbus to either be extended stay type units or bed and breakfast or whatever it is that the visitor might be looking for” said Bowden.

City officials may lose local control completely if Representative John Pezold, co sponsor of HB 579 has his way. The bill would give the state total control of short term rentals.   Pezold bluntly said the government seeks to bilk people out of every cent and he’s a free market guy through and through.

Deputy City Manager Pam Hodge says they hope to have that Ordinance to address short term rental regulations ready for Council to approve at the start of the new year.

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