World War II Filipino Soldiers Awarded the Congressional Gold Medal

Filipino World War II veterans were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal at the Capitol today.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest civilian award given by Congress honors 260-thousand Filipinos who

fought under the American flag during the war, and more than 57,000 who sacrificed their lives.

The award was bestowed after a long struggle to gain national recognition for their service to the U.S. military nearly 75 years ago.

Leaders from both the House and Senate were on hand to present the award, saying it was long overdue and that their service was vital to the allied victory.

Three of those veterans, and some relatives,  accepted the medal on behalf of all Filipino veterans of World War II.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “Today we take a proud step toward justice by conferring the highest honor Congress can bestow,

the Congressional Gold Medal. This medal recognizes the extraordinary heroism and the sacrifice of Filipino veterans.

It honors their fierce devotion to freedom and their noble sacrifice. It places them in the pantheon of heroes.”

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