Former President Obama Opens Youth Leadership Summit


Former President, Barack Obama, delivered the opening remarks at a youth leadership summit in Chicago today.

The event was hosted by the Obama Foundation and is meant to be a “collective conversation” where young leaders exchange ideas that can help to spark change.

Civic leaders and artists from around the world were in attendance.

Obama said, “The reason I’m so excited to see you all here today, in part, is because this is where I started.

Now, this isn’t where I was born. I was born in Kenya. (laughter) No. That’s a joke. I was born in Hawaii. (laughter)…”

He went on to say,  “And if you’re here today — wherever you’re from, whatever you look like, however you worship, whatever your cause or calling —

one thing that binds all of you together is, at some point in your lives you’ve asked yourself the same question, which is how can I have an impact?…

How can I make a difference?”

The former president said his goal is not to create a political movement, but rather to address civic culture.

In an effort to discuss civics from a global standpoint, one of the guests at the summit was Britian’s Prince Harry. Before the summit, Harry

and Michelle Obama visited a local Chicago High School as well.

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