Auburn Wheelchair Basketball Recognized


If you were wondering why the parking lot was busy this weekend outside the Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum is because it’s in full use.

The Coliseum is home to the Auburn wheelchair basketball team.

The team is in its 7th year of existence and for the first year is now a full college program with 7 student athletes.

The team is governed by the NWBA, the national wheelchair basketball association, not the NCAA limiting the team to resources like scholarships.

This makes recruiting that much harder when other schools can provide that stability for athletes.

No worries though, they are in the process of raising money for scholarships.

Head coach Robb┬áTaylor encourages those who are unfamiliar to the sport to come out and experience it for themselves saying, “So what you are smelling is the tires on the court. What you are smelling is metal on metal, so it is a very physical game. The chairs do make contact and that’s where you are getting that wonderful smell that you get. Surprisingly the chairs don’t break down all that often they are usually made of aluminum or titanium so they are pretty strong chairs. It is a very physical game you know it is a lot different than able body basketball which is a physical game in itself. In wheelchair basketball there is a whole lot of contact and bodies falling on the floor and popping back up and getting back into play but it is a pretty physical game.”

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