Mobile Health Clinic Coming to Opelika

Different organizations in Lee County came together and formed “Community of Hope,” to tackle issues families face in our community.

What they found is a lot of these families have trouble getting access to basic healthcare.

So, they looked at a program at the University of Florida where they started a mobile health clinic.

They go into neighborhoods where there’s high poverty offering this care-based model and have a healthcare provider present in these communities.

“I think it will improve the wellness of our citizens. Folks that may be reluctant to see a doctor or maybe they don’t have transportation or they don’t have any place for their children to go when they go to the doctor so this way we are going to go to where they are,” said City of Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller.

The mobile clinic from the University of Florida has been running for four years and the results speak for themselves.

“Dr. Hart in Florida was able to see tremendous impact in 4 years. She saw reduction in numbers of child abuse and neglect cases come down dramatically in 4 years and that’s what we want to see in Opelika and East Alabama is for families to have resources and they know someone that cares for them. If they need help, they can reach out before having to go to the emergency room or calling law enforcement. So, we really want to make this a creative care enforce model of community health,” said Daniel Neil, Project Manager for Opelika Community of Hope.

They’ve already mapped out areas in the Opelika community they want to start venturing out in.

“Our responsibility is to help those that cannot help themselves and I think it’s more of a hand up than a hand out because we want folks to be able to stand on their own two feet, pursue a career, but we want them to be healthy and we want to do what we can to assist in that. So, I think it’s going to be very good for the community,” said Mayor Fuller.

The bus will run weekly and visit different neighborhoods at least three times a week.

Auburn University nursing students as well as EAMC will provide the services.

The mobile health bus was also a donation from First Transit, the same company that runs Tiger Transit at Auburn University.

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